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摘要:Singaporeis a country where high net worth people and high-quality people allover the world want to,是全球高净值人群、高素质人群想要移民的国家。Today,let's introduce five ways of ...


Singaporeis a country where high net worth people and high-quality people allover the world want to immigrate.


Today,let's introduce five ways of Singapore immigration. The fastest wayis to get a green card in nine months.


First:investment immigration GIP.


Thisis the fastest way to get a Singapore green card at present. There isno one. The whole family can get a permanent green card in Singaporewithin 9 months.


However,this is also a project with the highest threshold in Singapore. Let'slook at the application conditions:


1.The applicant has at least three years of entrepreneurial andbusiness experience (the audit report of the reporting company in thelast three years shall be provided);


2.The turnover of the company operated by the applicant in the lastyear must be no less than S $200 million (S $1 = 4.79 yuan), and theaverage annual turnover in the last three years must be no less thanS $200 million;


3.The applicant shall hold more than 30% of the shares (if the companyis a listed company, the applicant must be one of the largestindividual shareholders);


4.The industry of the company must meet the list of industriesdesignated by the Singapore Immigration Bureau;


5.Investment requirements: after obtaining the approval in principle,invest at least s $2.5 million in the "global business InvestorProgram Fund" approved by the Singapore government, with aninvestment period of 5 years.


Inother words, you not only need to be able to invest about 12 millionyuan in Singapore, but also need to have more than three years ofbusiness experience. The annual turnover of the company in the lastthree years needs to reach about 1 billion yuan.


Thosewho can meet such conditions are regarded as excellent entrepreneursin China, such as Zhang Yong of Haidilao and Li Xiting of Mindraymedical.


Soalthough this is the best way to get a Singapore green card, thethreshold is too high for most friends.


Butit doesn't matter. I wish you all develop as soon as possible. Incase you realize the class leap one day, keep this for reference.Let's introduce some relatively civilian immigration methods. Ibelieve friends can use them.


Thesecond is business immigration.


Ifyou have a very good entrepreneurial idea or an invention patent,Singapore welcomes you to start a business there and make your ideasand patents a landing project here.


Theproject requires applicants to register a company in Singapore andhold at least 30% of the shares. Moreover, there are industryrestrictions. It must be an innovative company recognized by thegovernment, such as restaurants, travel agencies, Feng Shuiinstitutions and so on.


Inaddition, you need to hire at least three Singapore employees. Aftermeeting these conditions, you can apply for a permanent green cardafter two to three years.


Thethird kind: self-employed immigrants.


Thisis a little similar to business immigrants, who also immigrate bysetting up a company, but the difference is that self-employedimmigrants are not so strict about the industry.


Youcan invest in a local Singapore chain, hold at least 90% of theshares, and then "hire yourself" to work in Singapore as astore executive.


Thereare also requirements for the investment amount, with a minimum of S$500000. There will also be requirements for employees, and at leasttwo local employees in Singapore will be employed.


Theself-employed immigrant landed in Singapore with a work permit andcan apply for permanent residence after two years.


Fourth:employer sponsored immigration.


Ifyou can get a permanent job in Singapore, you can apply for employersponsored immigration.


Ofcourse, not all ordinary jobs can apply for employer sponsoredimmigration. After all, if locals are fully competent, the SingaporeImmigration Bureau will not approve a foreigner to "grab a job".


Employersguarantee that immigrants have high requirements for thecomprehensive quality of applicants, such as high education,professional skills, industry experience, age, salary level and soon.


Employersponsored immigrants also have two types of talents: medium skilledtalents, senior skilled talents and senior management talents.


Thereare these requirements for medium-sized technical talents:


1.Salary requirements: the monthly salary shall be at least s $2400 (ifyou have many years of experience in relevant fields, you need ahigher salary level to be approved);


2.Job requirements: relevant working experience is required;


3.Education requirements: College / undergraduate / technicalqualification certification.


Thereare these requirements for senior technical talents and seniormanagement talents:


Salaryrequirements: monthly salary of at least s $3900 (if you have manyyears of experience in relevant fields, you need a higher salarylevel to be approved);


Salaryrequirements: monthly salary of at least s $3900 (if you have manyyears of experience in relevant fields, you need a higher salarylevel to be approved);


Educationalrequirements: university degree, professional qualification orprofessional skills.学历要求:具有大学学历、专业资格或专业技能。

Theabove two kinds of talents can help their families apply for visasonly when their monthly salary reaches S $6000.


Fifth:study abroad immigrants.


Infact, studying in Singapore has always had a good market in China,because it is a Chinese country, and there will not be many obstaclesin living habits and language. And through studying abroad, you alsohave the opportunity to immigrate to Singapore.


Ifyou can meet the following three conditions, you have a better chanceof staying in Singapore.


1.Living in Singapore for 2 years or more;

1.在新加坡居住2 年或以上;

2.Study in Singapore (either public or private);


3.Passed a Singapore national level examination (HKCEE / O level / alevel).

3.通过一项新加坡国家级别考试(升中会考/OLevel/A Level)。

Singapore,as a country, has always been the most suitable destination forChinese immigrants. Because it is not only prosperous and prosperous,but also a Chinese country, there is no cultural barrier for Chineseimmigrants to come here. The immigration methods listed above arehard conditions that you must meet in order to apply for permanentresidence. In addition, there are some additional soft conditions.


Forexample, the longer you stay in Singapore, the higher the successrate of your application. Because what Singapore wants is immigrantswho are really willing to integrate into this country. There is alsoyour family structure. A family of four is certainly more popularwith the Immigration Bureau than a DINK family, because Singapore isalso encouraging childbirth and encouraging families with higherquality to have more children.


Generallyspeaking, in addition to those who can smash 12 million localtyrants, they can get a Singapore green card within nine months, andthe rest can only be applied for after at least two years.Immigration is not achieved overnight, especially in developedcountries such as Singapore.










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